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Hudayriyat Island masterplan unveiled

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Welcome to Hudayriyat Island

Hudayriyat Island is the first of its kind for the city in terms of size and area. The mega integrated development is spread over 51 million Sq M. (equivalent to 53.8 per cent of Abu Dhabi Island) and its appeal lies in its distinctive natural environment and prime location. 

Abu Dhabi has just unveiled its grand vision for Hudayriyat Island, a colossal development that promises an extraordinary array of thrilling experiences for residents and visitors alike.

This ambitious master plan encompasses a host of exciting destinations, including the much-anticipated Surf Abu Dhabi, Velodrome Abu Dhabi, a vast urban park, and a comprehensive network of cycle tracks.

Hudayriyat Central will spread over 34M sq. ft and include four complexes called Hudayriyat Hills, which includes the East Hill and West Hill Community, Sahl Villa Community, Quays Villas and Sunset Cliff Villas. The residences will be created in various architectural styles, including Southern Californian, Modern, Aegean and Southern Californian Modern. This new mega project will be the perfect place to allow future residents to enjoy resort-like living in one of the best cities in the world.

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The island district boasts an impressive number of cultural and environmental attractions that are unique to its location; its diverse, unique landscape making it all the more alluring. Hudayriyat Mar Vista is home to Marsana, Bab Al Nojoum, and Hudayriyat Heritage Trail. It also includes a range of exciting sports and leisure facilities such as Circuit X, 321 Sports, Bike Park, OCR Park, Cycling Track, Hudayriyat Courts, and Hudayriyat Beach.

Must-Eats at Hudayriyat Island

Gorgeous Seaside Views

Fitness Club

Lobby and Lounge

Football Pitch

Beachside Restaurants and Food trucks

Gym, Sports, and Leisure Activities

Beach Sports

Kids activities of all ages

Designated Camping Areas

Beach cinema

Healthy and Active Lifestyle

Fun and Leisure!

As the perfect place to exercise, have fun, and meet new people, Hudayriyat Mar Vista modern facilities and outdoor attractions make it the perfect destination for friends and families.

A mega project by Modon, Hudayiryat Mar Vista is a destination that offers its visitors a wealth of entertainment, sports and other fun activities. From enjoying a beach day to riding a bicycle along the promenade, there’s something to suit everyone!

Quality Life for You and Your Family

Make it count!

As the perfect place to exercise, have fun, and meet new people, Hudayriyat Mar Vista modern facilities and outdoor attractions make it the perfect destination for friends and families.

Living in the Best Neighborhood in the City

The Location

Hudayriyat Island lies to the west of Abu Dhabi city centre, offering breath-taking views of the capital’s magnificent cityscape.

Families and friends can all come together to take on entertaining challenges, relax, and learn new skills. With its friendly and welcoming atmosphere, Hudayriyat Mar Vista is a place where great memories are made, and friendships are formed.

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